Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Globaloria This Week

Yesterday on 11-23-09 we were visited during our technology class. They taught us how to develop our game ideas and how to put math in it. When she came we started to take a look at the agenda. It said that a few students were going to present their game ideas. First me and Ricky had to present our game idea. It was okay and then Ms. Rachel got on the computer to help us on how to make it a little better. She also told us how to put math in it. After that I started to get so excited about my game. Now that Ms.Rachel made it a little better it's going to be awesome. Also if my game could be the best one it will be awesome if I get to go to D.C. Ms.Rachel really made it better I could win that trip. Globaloria is awesome because of the games we will create and now that all of us have our game ideas we will be so anxious to create those. We haven't started to learn yet how we will create them. But I just know that when we do we will be to over-excited to create our game. Then when people start playing it online it will be even better. Also yesterday Ms.Rachel then planned another game about teenage pregnancies. We chose teenage pregnancies because it's a big problem in our community. That is going to be our topic. We also chose it because we think it will really help us for our community meeting class. Yesterday was a great day in Globaloria and I loved presenting my game. I can't wait till' I make it and put it on the internet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day. All I will do is watch the Mexican Soccer League playoffs. This Saturday Monterrey will play America, and Puebla will play Cruz Azul. On Sunday San Luis will play Toluca, and Santos will play Morelia. On the next Saturday Cruz Azul will play Puebla, but this time Cruz Azul will play at home. Those are going to be the quarter-finals. The team I really want to be champion is Santos, the team I least want to be champion is America. Even though my most favorite team is Chivas and they're not in the playoffs I'm still going to watch it. Here is a vision I have of the future.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Technology So Far

So far in tech class we've been learning about action scripting. We saw a video that teaced us how to add animation on flash. I hope that will really help us when we create our games. I'm really looking forward to create my game, I can't wait. But I'm worried that I'm not going to know how to make the game. On my research of ActionScript, I read that ActionScript is used primarily for the developement of websites and softwares. Like if you have your own website or software, and then you want to develop it, like make it better, you can go to ActionScript and edit it. That is what it says in my research in ActionScript is. And if you want to see my research click here. I think of ActionScript being fun. It's cool how to develop softwares on ActionScript. It's like you actually have control of that software. If it's fun to use ActionScript by just practicing, I just can't wait until we use it for real. When we create our games it's gonna be awesome! And when we do create them they come out on tv, and everyone can see it world wide! I hope I can create the best game so that I can go to Washington D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!