Thursday, March 25, 2010


Now we're working in FLASH again. One thing that's hard for me when it comes to FLASH is when I create a button or anything sometimes it doesn't come out right. Or maybe sometimes it doesn't come out at all. And it gets frustrating when you follow all of the directions correctly, over and over again, and it still doesn't come out right. I think that if the teacher did it first maybe it will be a little better because then the class can actually see how it's done. I think it's important to remember the coding process in FLASH because that's how most of it works. And if you don't remember the coding process then whatever you're doing will not turn out right. To become a FLASH EXPERT I have to listen carefully of how FLASH works. If I listen carefully I can understand how it's done and I will become a FLASH EXPERT. When we are working in class the distractions really do their job of distracting. I can get really easily distracted by almost anything. To try to stop distractions I think that we should save the questions until the end of the discussion. Because if we have questions during the discussion then we will all have other questions and not get any further into the lesson. I think that the videos we watch that Globaloria made are helpful because they show us what to do and it makes it easier for us. I think I can help myself to understand FLASH better by listening and paying attention. That way I will know what to do and how it's done. I think that FLASH will help me a lot in the future because then it will be easier to make our game and maybe we might have a chance to go to D.C.!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday we had a visit from Shannon Sullivan as our guest teacher for Technology class. So what she made us do was go on to wiki and look at the Sandy River Middle School wiki and look at their team pages. My team looked at the Frosted Loops page and took notes about their game. Their game was kind of like Pacman only with questions about fractions, it was called Fracman. The way to win was by getting points by controling Fracman to eat all of the "Fracdots" and avoid being eaten by the "Fracghosts". So the team is teaching kids about fractions and they're making it because elementary kids usually have trouble with fractions. This is how the game works. For each level they ask you a question about fractions and there's some fractions around the stage and you have to go through the right answer to pass on to the next stage. If you go through the wrong answer you will be removed temporarily from the stage and they will ask you three questions and you must get them right to get back in. After we studied their game we made a presentation about our notes.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Team Progress

Now I will be writing about our team progress. I think our team has been getting along really well. Because whenever we have an assignment to do we do it. We always mostly agree on our decisions, and we respect our leader. So whenever our team leader tells us to do something we do it no matter what. Our team is called Tech Tigers, because it's tech class and we're the tigers, and we're making a game about recycling to show the importance of recycling. My assignment was to draw out level 1 on Flash and it's about 90% completed. So I'm almost done but it takes a while to complete. I hope this becomes a successful game because our goal is to teach people the importance of recycling and how bad polluting can be for the environment. I think our gropup game is just as good as my individual game. I thought that my individual game was pretty good because gangs and violence are also a big problem here in East Austin. So we're getting closer to completing drawing our game in Flash. I want to get it done soon so we can publish them. I hope we also get to add animation pretty soon too. I bet that will be realy cool too. So that's how are team progress has been so far.

Drawing in Flash

This week in Globaloria we have started drawing in Flash. I have learned how to draw anything in Flash. And by any thing I mean anything. You can type, wuou can draw, you can make straight lines, squares, ovals etc. I learned how to use different tools such as the text tool, pencil tool and stuff like that. I had to draw level 1 of our team game. Which was the school. I learned how to draw squares to make the school and type inside it and make grass by using the brush tool to paint the bottom of the page green, and painting the top blue to make the sky. I used the square and oval tools to make the soda cans, I used the square tool to make paper, and the pencil to draw candy rappers. I thought that maybe drawing in Flash would be a little hard but it turned out to be really easy because it had all the tools there for you. After I was done drawing level 1 I looked at it and it didn't look so bad, it didn't look perfect, it was okay. After I was done I was so tired but it was mission accomplished I drew level 1 so we were one step closer to finishing drawing our game, Recycle Man. I just hope that those people in New York make us do it again like the other time they asked us to do the Mini Game Project again.