Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mini Game

Last week we worked with Flash. I really liked Flash because it was so easy and just like that if you test the movie it moves. I don't really think it was hard because the wiki would tell you exactly specifically what to do. All you got to do is just do what it says to do and it comes out right.The best part was how you can move the bunny by using the arrow keys and every time you ate the carrot you would get one point. The worst part was that sometimes it could get really frustrating. Sometimes you would put in the code and everything but nothing would happen. So that's basically what we did last week. And we did everything in this order. First we turned the carrot into a movie clip, then we moved the carrot from left to right, then we made the carrot move across the screen, then we made the bunny move by using the arrow keys, then we made the bunny eat the carrot, and then lastly we put the scoreboard so that every time you eat the carrot you get one point. Then on Friday we got a lesson from a lady that was speaking to us on the phone and we could see her Mini Game Template on the screen. Only the bad thing was that we had to do everything all over again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The past following days my class has been working with FLASH movie clips and ActionScripting. I like doing that because I can just type in a code and I can make two movie clips move. I find this code on my Wiki page and then I just copy & paste it onto FLASH. Then I Test the movie and just that easy those movie clips just move. That's what I think is really cool about FLASH to do just that and then the movie clip does a lot of stuff. What I think is kind of frustrating about FLASH is that sometimes I type in the codes but it doesnt't work. I try to get hel p from someone or just do the same thing they did but it still doesn't work. But when it does work I really like it. This has been a fun week for me in Technology because we get do some really cool stuff and it's so easy. I think it's even my favorite week here since the beginning of the semester. Every time I come to school I'm just looking forward to come to this class and get on FLASH. I hope this answers your question about how I feel about working FLASH. So I'm just feeling very comfortable doing this thing and I hope to keep on doing it for the rest of the week. That was my blog about FLASH.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Game

In my game that I will create it will be about eliminating gang members. So the game will ask you what possible coordinates a gang could be at. If you get it right you advance and if you get it wrong you lose -50 points. It will go through 5 stages the street, a bank robbery, the high school, the police station, and then the boss where you have to save the governor. I'm hoping to persuade teenagers into not committing those mistakes. And also the consequences for being in gangs. I think people should play my game to show teenagers that say that "they're in a gang" and show that being in a gang is not cool. I chose this topic because I know that a lot of teenagers say that "they're in a gang" even though they're really not and show them that it's not cool to be in a gang. When those people play it I hope they stop saying all that stuff.