Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Break

Christmas break starts this Friday. This post is about what I will do this Christmas Break. This year my family and I will take our annual trip to Mexico. Every year we go to Mexico to spend Christmas. Almost every day before Christmas we do posadas. Our friends and our family come to our little house and start praying. On Christmas Eve at 12AM the kids get on the floor and put a baby Jesus on a blanket. Then by morning my relatives come back to show off what they got for Christmas. But I ususally don't get stuff like that because I don't believe in Santa Claus. But I would still get some money, at least, from my parents. So that's basically what I will be doing this year during my Christmas Break. On January 5th that's the day we will go back to school.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tech Class

I am feeling great in Technology class because I get to type in my game ideas on the computer. I have learned a lot of new important facts about my topic. For example, the majority of gang members are teenagers. I have struggled mostly with answers to my questions. I do research my questions on the internet, but I don't get any answers. I want my teacher to encourage us more to focus so that we can get on task. What I would like to see change her is working a little more with movie clips because they were really fun. Lastly, my ideas that we should do here are to blog more. I want that because blogging is cool so that everyone can see it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toros Game

So yesterday we went on a field trip to see the Toros game. We got on the the bus at school, and we got to the Austin Convention Center. We went into the basketball court and the game started. We saw the cheerleaders, we hanged out with the bull, and plus we got to see the players. After that all of us who had money go to go to buy some snacks. I bought some popcorn for me and my friend. Even though I didn't pay attention to the game I was very entertained by the bull and the cheerleaders. It was the best field trip we had in 6th grade. But at the beginning of the game the Toros were winning and through most of the 2nd period. All the boys' favorite part without a doubt was the cheerleaders. We would get off the stands with the cheerleaders to take a picture with them, we also took a picture with the mascot. Also during most of the game they would play some music. Also when the Toros were defending the announcer would ask us to chant "DEFENSE, DEFENCE". Unfortunately, at the end of the game the Toros lost to the Vipers 88-97. So even though the Toros lost it was worth going to that game.