Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey

I think that this game would be hard to make because of all the effects it has. But even though it's hard work it would be worth it because a game like that, with a lot of magic, special effects, it will draw in a lot of money. It has really good graphics it's not hard to see it clearly.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Juan Z 13 2010

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"

In this confusing era only on thin thing is certain, that we are living very strange days

plants and animals are n places that they don't belong

they're spreading disease, they are destroying our landmasses and each year it gets worse.

A lot of us are fueling traffic unwillingly every day and we're introducing new aliens.

Alien - something that is somewhere where it doesn't belong

Homeowners have lost their property because of a huge pack of animals

Insects are small but when they are in a group they can become a massive force.

The city of New Orleans is filled with termites and New Orleans is even made out of termite food, many people have already complained about it but there is nothing that they can do.

Termites are not only in New Orleans they can be anywhere.
At least 7,000 species are in motion at any given time. Which means they can be moving to a different ocean any different environment.
Big animal sometimes transported smaller animals or seeds.
Many scientists believe that if all continents unite there can be a lot less species because we won't be able to support them as much as we can with seven separated continents.
We have raised the temperature one degree more in the last century
60,00 species have vanished.
Twice a year caribou migrate through the porcupine river and when they get to the village all the people get excited.
The climate is changing so fast that the elders are worrying that the species will not adapt quick enough because these elders are not use to this now climate change is occurring very quickly.
The animals go to the top of the hill now they don't get bit by the mosquitoes.