Monday, April 26, 2010


Globaloria is my 3rd period class. It's a class where we are learning to make our own games. We work in the computer lab and we're put into groups to make our games. Our group has to make a game the includes TAKS Objective 3 (Geometry & Spatial Reasoning). Our game is about recycling in order to persuade players to recycle. We want people to recycle because we want them to save the environment. But at the same time we want to teach people about geometry. Such as, shapes,angles, and graphing. So we work in Flash where we learn what to do for when we have to do our games. Such as adding animation and navigation. We've also created a Mini Game Project. At the beginning of the year I thought this was going to be any other regular typing class. Now it turns out that it's better.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Adding Navigation

It Lately we've been working on the Adding Navigation tab of the wiki. It was really hard because when we would get on Flash and type in the codes and it wouldn't work. I got so frustrated because we saw so many tutorials about it, we would do exactly what they were doing and it wouldn't come out right. That's what I hate about working in Flash because you follow all of the directions carefully but Flash says that it's wrong. Like today when we were working on demo 3. We were watching the tutorial and we did exactly what they did on the tutorial but Flash said that there were two errors. And we would go to the errors and it was the same thing that was on the tutorial but they didn't have any errors. That's what I hated about working in Flash. This a video that I chose to write about. Because it gives you an idea of what we were doing in class. It's a tutorial about adding navigation on Flash.