Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Juan Z 4 2011

The Wizard

At the beginning of the movie, Jimmy is walking down the highway. Where is he going?
He is going to "California".

What is the problem that the little boy, Jimmy, has?
He is heavily traumatized, and very shy.

Jimmy likes to stack and build things. How does this relate to video games?
The blocks he plays with look like in video games, with a lot of walls, and 2 dimensional.

Playing video games seems to help Jimmy feel better. Why do you think this is?
He is very sad because his sister is done, I guess that playing video games helps forget about it.

What makes him such an awesome video game player?
He doesn't pay attention to anybody so he doesn't get distracted.

What kinds of games do you see being played? Have you ever played any games like this before? He is playing Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Ninja Gideon, Mario II, F1 Dream, Rad Racer, Rampage, Mr. Chaos, Super Mario Bros. 3

How many different game systems do you see in the film?
Arcade, Nintendo OES

What did you think about the Power Glove?
I really like the Power Glove because whatever you do the character does.

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