Monday, May 23, 2011

Winding Down

Our team name is J-Force and our game title is Critical Condtion: A Livin' Atomic Bomb and it's about dealing with three different social issues, oil spills, erosion, and factories. We have completed all scenes of the game and have put them all together to work on the animations. Our Wiki Updater has finished answering the questions about our game on our team page. We are done with the game now and we hope it turns out a success. I think our team has done a great job and we got a lot done and I'm sure we can get an A. This year I learned how to use animations, something we didn't do last year, I also learned about the problems in this world and why we worry so much about them. I am proud that Globaloria has teached us how to work in Flash instead of just doing boring stuff like in other middle schools. I hope next year I can learn how to make our game not so boring and more challenging because it was very hard for all of us in J-Force to program the game well.

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